Why invest in game projects?

Investments in IT projects in the modern world are considered rational and promising. One of the most interesting industries in the IT field is gaming. High sales of mobile games break records every year. So, industry whales earn over $ 1 billion a year from a successful mobile hit.

At a moderate cost of development and support in Seven Winds Studio, you get a quality project that will help you return your investment and earn dividends!

What are you getting?
Quick and
projected return on investment
The real probability of excess profit
Constant and stable income upon successful project launch
Attracting additional investment or reselling the project
Stages of the investment project

How it works?

Below are the main stages of development and launch of a game project, taking into account the investment plan. We will be happy to advise you and give answers to any of your questions and comments.
Design concept and consultation
Initial stage.
Discussion of ideas and requirements.
Analytics and research
Concept development, study of competitors. Strategy development.
Game Design Document
Development of documentation. Development of the game component, description of content, functions, monetization and interaction with users.
Project Evaluation and Contract
Alignment of the final content and functions of the game from the game design document. Signing of the contract, comfortable phased payment.
Technical support of the game, adding new content and functions, maintenance of the game and users. Project development.
Earnings from AppStore and GooglePlay
Game release
Global launch of the game. Starting a marketing company and promotion.
Release of a project in a limited area to receive feedback from users and analyze KPI metrics.
Project development
Software development. Creating graphics and content based on
game-design document. Debugging and testing.
Market analysis

Mobile game market annual growth

“The mobile segment in game projects shows annual and significant growth. For 2018, the mobile game market is estimated at $ 70 billion and is the largest among the game segments: mobile, PC, console. Information provided by Newzoo analytic agency.
17% increase over 2017
2016: $42.5 Billion
2017: $56.2 Billion
2018: $70.1 Billion
2019: $82.0 Billion
2020: $94.0 Billion
2021: $106.1 Billion

What determines the success of an investment?

Developing a game project is a complex process. We have listed several important factors that influence the success of a game project.
The selected genre, style and themes of the project should correspond to the popular trends and trends in game projects. A special role is played by analytics and analysis of competitors to determine the key advantages of a game project and provide the best gaming experience to users.
Quality implementation
Professional game design, high quality graphic content and gameplay, perfect software implementation. Entrust the development of your game project to the professional Seven Winds Studio team.
Marketing and promotion
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Work examples

Обучающая игра "Город эмоций"
Познавательная детская Web-игра "Город эмоций" для БФ ПАО Сбербанк...
Web-приложение "Техносерв"
Web-приложение с игровой механикой "Рулетка" на WebGL
Big 6: Hockey manager
Будь умным, играй в хоккей. Хоккейный менеджер это не просто мобильная игра, это обучение, мышление, мотивация и успех....
Sniper Destiny
Многопользовательский онлайн шутер от первого лица (FPS).
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