Description of services provided

Development of turnkey game projects for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms, as well as for PC Windows. Server side development: backend, API and admin panel. Graphic component and content development: UI / UX, 2D, 3D, animations, visual effects. Development of a concept document and a design document, game design, level design, game analytics and metrics. Testing, quality control and debugging. Publish to Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Steam.
We develop for devices:

Game Development Process

Please familiarize yourself with the general design process of the AR / VR project. If you have questions and comments, our specialists will be happy to answer them and tell you about the development process in more detail.
Documentation and Analytics
Preparatory stage. Design and business analytics, development of technical specifications, UI / UX.
Design and animation
Interface development, 2D and 3D graphics. Animation and VFX effects. Content development.
Project Evaluation
Project software development, debugging and testing.
Full version development
MVP version
The minimum viable version of the project, for feedback from users.
Software development of a full version of the project, debugging and testing.
Release of a project in a limited area to receive feedback from users and analysis of KPI metrics.
Project release
Publication of the project in the markets and promotion.
Technical support of the project, adding new functions, project support and users.
Investments in game projects
If you are considering investing in IT projects, the gaming sector is an excellent option for implementing highly profitable projects. You can read more detailed information on investing in game projects on a separate page or get advice from our specialists.

Project team

A professional team is ready to solve problems of any level. Get to know your mobile app development team:
Technical leader
Game designer, developer
Art leader

Work examples

Обучающая игра "Город эмоций"
Познавательная детская Web-игра "Город эмоций" для БФ ПАО Сбербанк...
Web-приложение "Техносерв"
Web-приложение с игровой механикой "Рулетка" на WebGL
Big 6: Hockey manager
Будь умным, играй в хоккей. Хоккейный менеджер это не просто мобильная игра, это обучение, мышление, мотивация и успех....
Sniper Destiny
Многопользовательский онлайн шутер от первого лица (FPS).
Iron Battle Age
Iron Battle Age - мобильная игра в которую будут играть, как взрослые, так и дети. Жанр игры многопользовательский аркад...
Зверобука - увлекательное интерактивное приложение с красочными, весёлыми животными, птицами и морскими обитателями, гот...
Cybercat: Space Runner
Оригинальная приключенческая игра с элементами киберпанка
Beyond: Among Us
Многопользовательская игра с элементами дополненной реальности. Древние расы сошлись в кровопролитной войне за господств...
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