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The mission of the studio is to realize the business tasks of our customers in the form of high-quality software products at a moderate cost. The studio’s expertise is noted in all ratings of Russian mobile developers and is confirmed by the implemented projects and recommendations of our clients. Seven Winds Studio is your reliable partner in software development.
TOP 7 mobile application developer 2018
according to the Runet Rating
TOP-1 developer of VR and AR projects 2018
according to the rating of Ruward (custom development)
Silver contest Runet Rating 2017
for the best mobile app
Tagline Competition Winner 2018
best mobile app
Years on the market
mobile-developers of Russia
our employees are our treasure
Implemented projects
different types and functional complexity
Millions of downloads
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VR simulator engineer
Прохождение электронного курса в VR среде для обучения работы с насосным агрегатом....
Sniper Destiny
Многопользовательский онлайн шутер от первого лица (FPS).<br />
М.Видео AR
Интерактивное приложение М.Видео AR для внутреннего использования в компании М.Видео....
Сбербанк. В развитии
Специальное приложение внутреннего использования для повышения и развития компетенций сотрудников ПАО Сбербанк....
Big 6: Hockey manager
Будь умным, играй в хоккей. Хоккейный менеджер это не просто мобильная игра, это обучение, мышление, мотивация и успех....
Зоопарк в дополненной реальности AR. Приложение позволяет детям и их родителям познавать мир животных в игровой форме....
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We develop useful content and share with you important information and our knowledge in the form of interesting articles and notes.
Video blog: Developer's diaries “Golden eagle VR”
"Golden Eagle VR" - an exhibition stand using virtual reality technology.
Костыли и велосипеды для начинающих программистов
Любому разработчику известно для чего нужды костыли и велосипеды.
Дополненная реальность в Онлайн-ритейле
Онлайн-ритейл – торговля организованная при помощи интернет-магазинов в совокупности с сервисами доставки.

We are recommended

During our joint work, Seven Winds employees proved themselves to be high professionals who monitor the quality of the work performed and take into account our wishes. I would like to separately note the project manager who helped throughout the project.
Dmitry Che
ExxonMobil PR Representative
We express our gratitude for the high professionalism in the development of the Sberbank. In Development mobile application, efficiency, competence, quick resolution of issues arising during the work, creativity, responsibility and goodwill.
Natalya Chevachina
Head of the network of centers of Sberbank Premier
Alexander Chernyak and Seven Winds Studio are partners you can only dream of. The first joint project showed that Seven Winds Studio are professionals who can make an excellent product in a fairly short time, and also find a way out of any difficult situations.
Ksenia Pavlyuchik
Department of Internal Communications M.Video
They trust us
We work with clients throughout Russia and abroad, and are interested in long-term relationships.